Summer Internship Search

As many SA Grads (and future SA Grads) begin their search for a summer internship, I thought I would share a few of my thoughts and experiences on my search that I completed in spring 2015. I did my search through the ACUHO-I process, but these tips can apply to just about anyone!

  1. Be Prepared – Take advantage of the time now to review and update your resume, draft a cover letter, and set up your profile on whichever internship search program you are using. Update your LinkedIn profile while you’re at it! I think one of the most important things to note here is to have someone else look over these materials too! The more eyes the better, so that you are completely polished when it is time to present yourself to possible internship sites.
  2. Know What your Current Institution Expects – This was something that was a bit of a struggle on my campus, so start this conversation early! As a Hall Director, my institution originally thought that if we were leaving for the summer, then we should not have our stuff in the HD apartment. We eventually worked everything out and we were able to stay in the apartments even if we were leaving, but it took a conversation and some guidelines. Additionally, I have some colleagues who were expected to check email at certain frequencies, work on different projects, etc. Make sure you connect with your supervisor about what will be expected of you in your absence, before you even start your search.
  3. Be Open-Minded – We always say that you should be open to new ideas and possibilities and when doing an internship search, that could not be more true! Apply for internships that are different from what you are currently doing on your campus. Apply to schools that are completely different from any other school you’ve been at. This will only be 8-12 weeks of your life, and it’s important to get a new experience so that you can maximize learning.
  4. Ask for Feedback – My final tip is probably the most important. After offers have gone out, be sure to ask your interviewers for feedback on how you did in the process. It will help you with knowing what you need to work on to become a better candidate in your future job search, and will help you learn more about yourself.

I hope that you find these tips helpful for your upcoming internship search! Please feel free to reach out to me for more guidance, or to comment below with your tips as well. Best of luck!




One thought on “Summer Internship Search

  1. Asking your interviewers for feedback, especially if you didn’t receive an offer, is so important! One interviewer offered me the opportunity for this and I got more of a sense of what skills they were looking for and where I could grow in my second year of graduate school. Be sure to ask interviewers for feedback as most won’t reach back to all their interviewees and provide this professional development opportunity!

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