I’m Back!


Finishing graduate school meant I was #done

Well it has been a wild ride since I last posted on this blog. I really did have intentions to post, but it never became a priority for me last year. Here I am now, ready to make it one.

A little update on my life: I completed my second year of graduate school, I successfully completed my job search, I moved from North Dakota to Iowa, and began my first full-time position in Student Affairs! I’ll be working on expanding on all of these things over the next few posts, but that is an update for now.

I am really excited to get back to writing more. Ever since graduation I’ve been slowly feeling my writing skills slip away and this is my attempt to regain them, while also hoping to connect with some other new professionals in our field.

Thanks for coming along with me on this new journey and I’m excited to see where it all goes!