Fall Training!

Just a bit of a life update for y’all! My past two weeks have been filled with many professional development sessions, lots of discussions about what we can do to best serve the students in our residence halls, and many late nights of work. Hall Director training finished this past Friday and the RAs have now started to arrive!

RA Training at UND begins tomorrow morning and goes through August 19th. There will be many team builders and fun learning activities, as well as more heavy things such as learning how to help a student who is contemplating suicide, and how to confront an alcohol situation. It can be tough to talk about these things with RAs and we hope they will not have to deal with any of these situations, but it’s important to prepare them for anything. One big thing I learned from last year’s training is that it is super important to check in with my staff after those heavier days and make sure that they are doing okay and taking care of their mental health.

On my staff of seven, I have three returners who each have one year experience, one returner with a semester experience, and three new RAs. I’m excited to get some new perspectives in our halls and hopefully have a productive year! It is going to be a challenge to have two halls of very different student populations (one almost complete first-year and one 21+ and mostly graduate students) but the biggest challenge I see is making my staff feel like one cohesive staff since they are split between the two buildings but I hope that with some intentional planning, it will all go smoothly!

I am very excited to have the RAs back and before we know it, it will be move in day! I’ll keep y’all posted if there are any interesting updates from RA training over the next few weeks.


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