Reflections on My Summer Internship

I can’t believe how fast this summer has flown – but I am finally back in North Dakota after an eight week internship at the University of Illinois Springfield. While those eight weeks went extraordinarily fast, I also met many great people, learned many new things, and explored an awesome city.


The beautiful columns in the center of the UIS campus.

Over these few weeks, I was able to get my hands on many projects – from RA training, to Orientation planning, to a review of the Terms & Conditions, to an assessment project, to creating a departmental calendar, and many more. I was fortunate to have a supervisor who really encouraged me to take everything in, ask questions, and explore new things.

I learned so much and strengthened my desire to work in Student Affairs – especially Residence Life. I am so grateful for the coworkers I had this summer who helped me adjust to a new campus and state, and gave me so many pieces of advice, laughs, and fun. I will miss our near-daily Starbucks runs!

Besides working, I also got out into Springfield and did so many fun things! From golfing, to the outdoor musical theater, to funky restaurants, to a world class park, Springfield has a lot to offer and I definitely took advantage!


When my family came to visit, we went to see South Pacific at The Muni, Springfield’s outdoor amphitheater.


I went on many walks in Washington Park, which many Springfield residents refer to as “a world-class park”. I agree!

In addition to those, there are also a number of the Abraham Lincoln Historic Sites. I was able to visit his Home in downtown Springfield, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, his Tomb, the Old State Capital Building where he served as a Senator, and the Law office where he practiced (although it is closed for renovations, I creeped in the windows). As a History nerd, this was super exciting to me and I tried to learn as much as I could of all of these unique pieces of history.


The History nerd in me was so excited after touring the Lincoln House!

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to expand my knowledge about Residence Life, Student Affairs, and life in general. A huge thank you goes out to the University of Illinois Springfield and the Department of Residence Life for being so welcoming and helping to teach me so much! Now back to work at the University of North Dakota!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on My Summer Internship

  1. It looks like you got to do so much! I feel the same way about my internship and have loved getting to know a new place. Safe travels back!


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